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About Us

About us

Welcome to Just Education

The idea behind Just Education is to bring forth an approach of systematic and programmed learning to the citizens of India by creating a learning environment worthy of the future. Just Education has been using exceptional educational aids and modern teaching techniques. Therefore, each student develops to his or her maximum potential.

Having taught on an International scale, Mrs. Sapana Shah got the opportunity to understand the educational system in various forms. It has always been a dream creating an educational hub with a difference, one that can impart quality education within students. After careful planning and consideration, ‘Just Education’ has come to existence, Where we are structured on the principles of consistency and hard work.

Just education has been surging ahead on the success track and has distinguished itself in setting up a new standard in the world of competitive education since 2016. It is an institute of knowledge under the aegis of Mrs. Sapana Shah who has imparted quality education within students.


Why Choose Us?

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Our Mission

Just Education provides effective solutions to all the academic problems by neatly integrating academics with online learning.

Our visions

To Help Students Love to Learn And Coin Their Own Legacies.

The courage to shape a better future for students
The courage to shape a better future for students
The courage to shape a better future for students
The courage to shape a better future for students



My goal as an educator is to help my students grow academically, morally, and socially. By understanding the differences of each students' personality and learning style, I will enable each student to grow to become the life-long learner and active citizen needed in our society.

With a passion to inspire young minds and a commitment to ensure every child reaches their potential, Mrs Sapana Shah has been in the teaching profession for 16 years now. Not only has she taught in Indian but also places like Singapore and Dubai. With the zest of teaching, she has been developing and fostering appropriate skills in a child enabling his /her optimum development. Challenging and inspiring pupils to help deepen their knowledge and understanding. Mrs Sapana Shah has been shaping futures for children for a brighter and better tomorrow.